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Janet Schooley - The Artist behind 'Muddy Products'

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As the creator of Bug-a-Lugs the Mudman and a freelance 3D art practitioner using organic and recycled materials, my work is varied both in terms of the pieces I create and the work I carryout in the community and with various artist groups.

I have held various Artist in Residency posts including Whisby Natural World Centre and The Hub at Sleaford.
Stone Work
A recent departure for my work is the use of stone.  I was given some lovely French sandstone to ‘play’ with, having no stone masons tools I used a few old wood chisels to see how I got on.

My first (below) was the relief of my daughters, I loved the subtle shadowing the relief made the language of the stone and the relationship I felt it gave to my own with my girls.
As a Fine Art student in the late 1990's I relished my 'time'; rediscovering play, analysing results; using reclaimed materials and creating installations to create time drawings.

Much of the art work produced over the past ten years has reflected my life.  Whether through practising a craft technique using recycled or organic materials, using a repetitive process to re-create a time related work or finding methods to initiate installation drawing in ‘Time and Motion’ and ‘Turn in a day’.
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I then tried another my aunt and uncle, (above right) and on to some works for the Lincolnshire Life Museum, a Lincoln long wool sheep (middle), a pig, a collage of cogs and wheels (above left), and now to my grand daughter.
Time/process art work: (above) Free Range: (below)  
Amoeba: 3000+ plastic beakers and paper clips. This work relates to our throw away society and the impact it has on nature.  Islands of rubbish are floating around distant seas, endangering delicate infrastructures.
Ash Key Chair
Ash keys individually placed on re-claimed chair.  Inspired by the growth method of moss enveloping and changing all it covers.
The original drawing is 15ft x 4ft:  A direct response to working at an automated chicken farm whilst taking my degree.  Here up to 30,000 eggs were collected and graded off a conveyer belt a day.
I have taken a section of the original drawing for print.  This has been printed on limited edition posters, Tea Towels and bone china mugs.
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